Athina Sweigard

Athina Sweigard

F&I Specialist

Athina Sweigard is the founder of AM&S Automotive Consulting and F&I Training but her automotive career began far before that. It was in 1993 that she first began working with titles at a smaller dealership in Greeley, Colorado. By the age of 18 she was able to get her Automotive Sales License and was brought onto the sales floor as a Honda Sales Representative. Athina immediately became a top producer for the next two years and was Certified Gold Level in her first year of automotive sales.

Once Athina reached 21 years of age she had already been promoted to the Finance and Insurance office. It was 1996 and she was trained by EFG to take over this role. She was still a top producer, but this time in the F&I office rather than as a standard sales representative. Her career continued to take off moving forward, however, and by 2000 she was a sales manager as well as a top producer. Two years later she chose to venture out to a new area again.

In 2002, Athina entered the Independent side of automotive where she began teaching independent dealers how to finance cars with lenders, how to bring lenders on board and how to grow their inventory. For the next 6 years, from 2002 to 2008, she sold mostly highline vehicles online while she grew the location. But the recession hit in 2008 and Athina was then offered a unique opportunity to join a Kia store as a partner. She took the position and became not just a partner but also Finance Director.

This position made her an integral part in helping both Kia Motor Finance and the Kia Motor Company learn to use and communicate rebates in the financing world and she went on to be a part of the national round table conference for Kia, which took place with Mr. Hong. At the same time the sore she was a part of was one of the top producing in the nation for finance and insurance. She remained with this position until 2013.

The opportunity to become a part of an even larger store and grow into the position of Finance Director was one that Athina decided to welcome and she thrived in the role. In fact, she increased finance and insurance by 1.7 million in just one year and was part of both the executive committee and forecasting team. Only two years later she was offered a higher level position as Regional Manager for a nationally growing dealer. In only four years she managed to take that store (actually a combination of three separate stores) and turn it into nine.

After her retirement from the retail automotive industry in 2019, Athina decided to take on new experiences and opportunities. She has always had a passion for the automotive industry and loves growing people and numbers to meet and exceed capacity. An expert in operations and process, as well as compliance, Athina is an expert in branded title vehicles.

With this background and education, Athina is always motivated to find the next big industry change and identify the smallest changes that can make the biggest impact on a struggling or small business’ bottom line. Having worked with Grant Cardone, Tony Dee, the Ethical F&I Group and F&I Conferences, Athina has never stopped working toward advancement in the automotive field and beyond.

Business Highlights

  • Managed public relations
  • Created international growth
  • Enhanced gross profits
  • Designed processes for maximization of profits an ad spending
  • Established processes to allow dealers to run lean
  • Increased profit and volume of sales
  • Managed company and location budgets
  • Recruited and hired talent
  • Converted paper documents to digital platform
  • AHIS Certified
  • Automotive Sales License in 5 US States