About Us

Our Mission:
Increase revenue, retention, and referrals through CRM and AI technology.

James and Bryce embarked on individual careers before their paths converged at Dealersocket, an industry leader in automotive retail technology likened to the Microsoft of the Automotive sector. At Dealersocket, Bryce was initially part of the RevenueRadar team, collaborating with major groups such as Penske, Ken Garff, and Larry H Miller, focusing on maximizing returns from their data mining initiatives. Meanwhile, James was making his mark as a CRM consultant in the field, and was later tasked with spearheading the newly-formed Independent Dealer team.

It was during this strategic expansion at Dealersocket that their professional journeys merged. Having maxed out his opportunities within RevenueRadar, Bryce was a perfect fit for this innovative team aimed at boosting dealer ROI with cutting-edge tools. The collaboration was seamless, built on mutual trust and respect as they tackled the unique challenges of introducing these products to a new market segment.

A significant observation at Dealersocket was that about 75% of our client base underutilized their CRM systems due to limited time and engagement, consequently missing out on optimal ROI. This realization underscored the inefficiencies in traditional dealer operations and the necessity of dedicating adequate attention to each dealer, a task nearly impossible given the breadth of the clientele.

During a period of transformation within Dealersocket, James and Bryce contemplated alternative career opportunities. Offers came in to become CRM Power User Administrators within large dealer groups, sparking an innovative idea: why not leverage our combined expertise to enhance dealer sales and maintain CRM systems more effectively?

This led to the inception of Advanced CRM Solutions, our own venture dedicated to eliminating administrative burdens and maximizing CRM ROI for dealers. Since our establishment, we've expanded our services beyond just automotive dealers to include franchise, independent, and Buy Here Pay Here stores, addressing common industry challenges such as revenue loss from inadequate salesperson follow-up—a problem costing the industry millions annually.

Our success transcended the automotive industry as we began offering CRM and marketing solutions to businesses across various sectors. By adhering to universal best practices and focusing on delivering maximum value, we have achieved significant results for our non-automotive clients as well.

With the integration of AI into nearly every facet of our operations, we've revolutionized how dealerships manage their processes, significantly enhancing efficiency. It's become evident that dealers not yet utilizing AI are missing a critical opportunity to optimize their operations. We are not just two passionate individuals anymore; we have grown into a group of companies offering a diverse and unique set of services designed to elevate businesses to new heights.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to value and transparency, distinguishing ourselves in a market flooded with vendors, yet few can match our dedication and hard work.