Jessica Mattes

Jessica Mattes

Chief Operations Officer

Jessica Mattes is a dynamic Chief Operations Officer with a diverse professional background that spans entrepreneurship, education, and the automotive industry. A lifelong learner and a late bloomer in academia, Jessica embarked on her higher education journey at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo, CA, before transferring to Metro State University in Denver, CO. There, as a dedicated student-athlete, she studied Organizational Management and Communication. (ask her about her softball career!)

Jessica’s career took a vibrant turn as she ventured into the world of cosmetology in Illinois. Quickly ascending to the role of Master Colorist within 4 years, Jessica not only perfected her craft but also became a pivotal figure in the education sector within the industry. She independently and as a representative, traveled across the United States, imparting her knowledge of Color Theory, Business Development, Social Media, and Sales Techniques to other stylists.

The challenges of 2020 led to the temporary closure of her business, yet Jessica embraced this period as an opportunity for transformation. Under the mentorship of industry stalwarts Bryce Walker and James Onken, she pivoted to the automotive sector. Here, she initially helped large automotive groups in acquiring vehicles for dealer resale. Her exceptional skills soon saw her transitioning to the Business Development area, where she made substantial contributions to improving dealers’ KPIs, sharing information that would lead to better efficiency within CRM systems, enhancing their social media presence, and overhauling website design, development, and management.

Today, as the Chief Operations Officer, Jessica oversees all operations of the group, steering both large and small business units with a strategic vision. Her role is crucial in delivering consistent value to all of our clients across various industries. Jessica’s leadership is not just about maintaining efficiency; it’s about inspiring innovation and setting new benchmarks in operational excellence while providing the support needed to drive continual revenue growth for our clients.