James Onken

James Onken


James Onken is a founding partner of ACS. James grew up in his dad’s garage and at the dealership as he was taught very young automotive was a way of life.

After receiving his Bachelors from the University of Iowa, and a Master’s Degree in Business, James decided to combine his passion of technology and automotive by taking a job as a consultant at DealerSocket, the leading CRM company for automotive retail.

James traveled the country to hundreds of dealerships throughout 40 states and Canada consulting dealership sales and management teams on CRM, sales process, digital marketing. After years a consultant James was promoted into management and helped assist DealerSocket with their launch into the independent market. After the successful execution of this project, including onboarding over 500 independent dealers, building a strong support team and assisting with the onboarding of DealerSocket acquisitions Finance Express and AutoStar, James teamed up with Bryce to launch Advanced CRM Solutions.

After being recruited by some of the largest dealership groups in the country, James realized there was an uneven playing field. Large dealership groups were able to offer experts like James large amounts of money to manage their CRM initiatives such as retention, referrals, sales process, database marketing and more giving them a huge advantage in the marketplace. James and Bryce became determined to even out the playing field offering expert services and consulting to single roof tops and small groups for a fraction of a price of a full-time employee.

Over the years James has achieved tremendous success launching several businesses in BDC, digital marketing and more, but remains committed to CRM being at the core of how a dealership can function at the highest level.

Though NDAs refrain ACS from publically touting many of our most prestigious relationships, we have special permission to share references in 1 on 1 conversations. Rest assured James and ACS have consulted, trained and guided some of the nation’s automotive leaders.